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At Miller, we have been solving the tough problems for growers globally for more than 80 years. Leading the way with science, experience and education, we develop products  specifically engineered to deliver superior results, one crop at a time.

We have customers in more than 90 countries and believe in fostering strong relationships with growers and distributors globally. By delivering consistent results and enhanced value, we help our customers achieve their greatest potential, year after year.

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Our team is comprised of highly trained agronomists, horticulturalists, and crop advisors who provide technical support and product programs designed to maximize return on investment.

Miller product offerings are science-based and data-driven, supported by years of university research, as well as consultant and field development grower trials. Our core product lines include adjuvants, biostimulants, crop production aids, crop protection, macronutrients and micronutrients. Many of our formulation technologies are proprietary and/or patented, such as Nu-Film® P, Nu-Film® 17 and our Nutrient Express® technology.

As part of the J.M. Huber Corporation portfolio of businesses, we uphold the Huber Principles of

Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability


Ethical Behavior

Respect for People

in all of our business practices. We offer a simple promise — to bring our customers expertise and support for exceptional crop production. 


  2. 1937

    February 19, 1937: Our company was founded as Miller Chemical & Fertilizer in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. We were privately owned with one factory to manufacture farm fertilizers and another to formulate certain pesticides.

  3. 1940

    1940s –1960s: We expanded through the purchase of other fertilizer and agricultural chemical facilities and became a distributor for large, multinational companies throughout the eastern US. We started to develop products and broadened the scope of business for our high-quality soluble, foliar fertilizers, such as Nutri Leaf® 20-20-20 in the early 1960s.

  4. 1968

    1968: We moved our company headquarters to Hanover, Pennsylvania, where we are still located today. We acquired the rights to the Pinolene® range of products, which helped develop our business across the entire United States. We then launched the Pinolene line of products internationally with our foliar fertilizers.

  5. 1980

    1980s –2010s: We entered the markets for chelates, biostimulants and plant growth regulators. During this time, we developed our capstone products Exit®, Nutrient Express®, Millerplex®, Sugar Express®, and Greenstim®. We also added soil adjuvants to our portfolio with Sustain®. We changed the name of the company to Miller Chemical and Fertilizer, LLC. in June, 2014.

  6. 2015

    2015: Miller purchased the assets of Plant Bio Tech Inc. This acquisition included Cytokin®, Cytoplex® HMS, and C.A.L.F.A.® further expanding our portfolio of biostimulants and plant growth regulators. 

  7. 2019

    2019: We joined the J.M. Huber Corporation’s portfolio of businesses, forming the foundation of the Specialty Agriculture Solutions strategic business unit within the Huber Engineered Materials.

Supported by Huber’s strength and capabilities, Miller is well positioned to fulfill our Misson:



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