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Product Overview

Sulforix® is an EPA-registered fungicide, insecticide, and miticide with unique penetration properties. A colloidal sulfur, Sulforix’s particle size enhances coverage and distribution across plant and fruit surfaces. This product controls multiple diseases, including but not limited to, scab, powdery mildew, leaf spot, cane blight, rust, black spot and brown rot. It also handles pests such as red mites, brown mites, bud mites, two spotted mites, blackberry mites, blister mites, rust mites, San Jose scale, pear psylla, aphids and more.

Sulforix® is a trademark of Tessenderlo Kerley Corporation.



  • Balanced fungicide-insecticide-miticide
  • 27.5% calcium polysulfide
  • Proprietary spreader penetrant
  • 3-4x increased activity over lime sulfur at equal rates
  • Lower use rates than lime sulfur
  • In-season applications on insects and diseases with crop safety


  • Easy-to-use and economical
  • Quick knockdown
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Soft on fruit and foliage
  • Contact eradicant
  • Reduces early season disease inoculum

How does it work?

Sulforix is a contact pesticide capable of controlling various types of pests. Calcium polysulfide is a caustic solution that penetrates and controls various types of pests such as phomopsis, mummy berry, bud mites, and exobasidium. The proprietary spreader penetrant technology increases the speed and consistency of product penetration, which can improve efficacy.

Sulforix blueberries bud mite chart
Sulforix® reduced bud mites in blueberries post harvest by 52%. Michigan State University, 2004


  • Group 3

    Key crops include, but are not limited to: blueberries, grapes and citrus

  • Organic Fertiliser

    Foliar application

  • Sprinkler

    For best results, spray to cover all exposed plant parts and repeat as necessary

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    Review label for specific application rates and recommendations

SDS and Labels

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