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Category Overview

Category Overview

Biostimulants are classified as substances or microorganisms that, when applied to seeds, plants, or the rhizosphere, stimulate natural processes to enhance or benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, or crop quality and yield. They may contain nutritional, natural plant extract, carbon and or biological based components. Some formulations may be classified as Plant Growth Regulators that exhibit biostimulant activity by a specific countries’ regulatory body.


Bagira is a suspension concentrate blend of humic, fulvic and carboxylic acids in addition to the important humin fraction.


BioVive™ 3-0-0 is a unique balanced profile blend of vegetable-derived amino acids designed to improve conditions necessary for root and plant development .

BorrePlex™ OA

BorrePlex™ OA is a mixture of calcium lignosulfonate and lignosulfonic acid and can act as a chelating agent for micronutrients.


C.A.L.F.A.® is a proprietary blend of 40% nature-based carboxylic acid solution designed to release soil nutrients into plant available forms during critical plant growth and development stages.


Greenstim® 2-8-14 is a proprietary liquid fertilizer combined with plant betaines.


C.F.O.™ is an organic compliant proprietary blend of nature-based carboxylic acids (40%) designed to release soil nutrients for plant uptake during critical growth and development stages.

Carboxy Plus®

Carboxy Plus® is a carboxylic acid fertilizer additive developed to improve the availability of phosphate, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc nutrients to growing plants.


Citoleaf® is a sea plant extract based fertilizer that is fortified with a proprietary yeast extract.


Cytokin® is a plant- based EPA registered plant growth regulator designed to increase crop production efficiency.


Cytoplex® HMS, a plant growth regulator, consists of EPA-registered sea plant extracts in addition to gibberellic acid and indole-3-butyric acid.


Millerplex® 3-3-3 is a kelp-based balanced fertilizer nutrient formula designed for soil or foliar use on crops.

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