The Miller Chemical and Fertilizer, LLC team welcomed key distribution partners for the 2022 Vapor Gard® Field Day and Data Review in Visalia, CA. During classroom discussions and in field presentations, our team presented results of deficit irrigation trials utilizing Vapor Gard anti-transpirant throughout the growing season on a variety of different crops. 

California agriculture, as well as other regions around the country, are no strangers to crop stress resulting from drought conditions. These trials were designed to explore the effects of Vapor Gard on plant health when under drought stress conditions.

Utilizing multiple evaluation methods and tools, our team sought to better quantify the effects of drought stress on crop yield, quality, and overall plant health. These effects were evaluated both with and without the use of Vapor Gard anti-transpirant in a range of different perennial crops.  

Learn More About Vapor Gard 

Vapor Gard® anti-transpirant and anti-desiccant is specially formulated using our proprietary Pinolene® terpene polymer to preserve plant moisture during times of stress. Vapor Gard forms a soft, microscopic film over the leaf and plant surface that reduces the loss of water vapor, minimizing the effects of drought stress. Vapor Gard does not interfere with photosynthesis or respiration, which allows for normal growth and development to continue. The film also protects leaves and fruits against adverse (hot or cold) weather conditions. 

  • Minimizes drought stress effects by reducing plant moisture loss 
  • Improves plant water availability 
  • Helps to maximize irrigation efficiency 
  • Can assist in increasing crop size, weight, and quality by minimizing the effects of moisture stress 

A special thank you to Booth Ranches for being a valued partner. We are grateful to your full team for your support of this event! 

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