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Product Overview

Bagira is a suspension concentrate blend of humic, fulvic and carboxylic acids in addition to the important humin fraction. This product supplies carbon to the soil and plant to increase nutritional availability in low cation exchange capacity soils. It is used during early season to aid in root development and germination. Bagira is a registered trademark of Intrachem Bio Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG.


  • High concentration of humic, fulvic and carboxylic acids
  • Contains insoluble humin fraction
  • Small particle size for easy mixing and application
  • Natural low pH <5 compared to alkaline based humic acid products


  • Increases soil cation exchange capacity and nutrient availability
  • Provides necessary carbon during early season root development and germination
  • May be applied in combination with phosphate and or NPK fertilizers through fertigation

How Does It Work?

Humic, fulvic and carboxylic acids work together as an integral part of humus. They interact in various stages of soil and plant development and no component is more important than another. All the components of humus are biologically active and play important roles in plant and soil stimulation. Bagira improves the soil conditions and acts as a biocatalyst and bio stimulant for the plant by applying it through the soil or foliarly


  • Group 3

    Primary target crops include, but are not limited to: cucurbits, tomatoes, table grapes, and peppers

  • Scientific Farming

    Review label for specific application rates and recommendations

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    Available for purchase outside of the US


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