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Product Overview

Fertigard™ 2-41-27 is a unique blend that contains soluble phosphate and phosphite for crops that experience plant stress during key physiological periods and demand superior efficiency and response. Containing both soluble phosphate and phosphite, it is designed to be beneficial during physiological periods of peak nutrient demand, periods of environmental stress or to crops suffering from a weakened root system. Fertigard™ contains Miller’s proprietary Express Technology and is able to provide necessary plant nutrition at an increased rate of efficiency which helps reduce input costs. This product may also be applied as a post-harvest application to improve the nutrient availability, which can increase vigor of overwintering fruit buds and potential return yields where crop loads were heavy the prior year.

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  • Contains both phosphate and phosphite
  • Includes Miller’s patented Express Technology
  • Nutrient additions can lead to improvements in root development, flowering, fruit set, and size depending upon application timings
  • High quality phosphate source helps uptake and translocation into roots, foliage and fruit
  • Efficient and active at lower concentrations per acre compared to many liquid foliar phosphate fertilizers


  • Significantly increases the plant metabolic activity from the dual phos system
  • Strengthens crop resistance to environmental stress
  • Uniquely formulated to enhance coverage and absorption
  • Express Technology prevents crystallization of nutrients on the leaf surface, minimizing waste of product
  • Immediate phosphorus availability through the use of phosphate

How Does It Work?

Fertigard is used as a foliar application to supplement normal soil fertility during plant physiological peak demand periods. Our Express Technology utilizes the plant’s natural metabolic activity and a proprietary humectant system to significantly increase nutrient uptake and utilization efficiency compared to standard foliar fertilizers. This technology allows for applied product solutions to remain in a liquid form on the leaf surface for a longer period of time. Maintaining this liquid state allows for more efficient absorption of products, minimizing loss to crystallization on the leaf surface. Fertigard combines phosphate and phosphite in the proper ratios and makes them readily available to meet critical phosphorus requirements that phosphite alone does not provide.


  • Group 3

    Key crops include, but are not limited to: oranges, almonds, potatoes, pecans and avocados

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    Ideal for foliar and fertigation spray application, backpack and aircraft

  • Scientific Farming

    Compatible with most pesticides

  • Crop Rotation

    Apply during pre bloom and post bloom

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    Review label for specific application rates and recommendations

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Registered for use in 22 states.

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